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To overcome the drawback of low photocatalytic efficiency brought by electron-hole recombination, Bi(2)WO(6) photocatalysts with oxygen vacancies were synthesized by zirconium doping. The oxygen vacancies as the positive charge centers can trap the electron easily, thus inhibiting the recombination of charge carriers and prolonging the lifetime of electron.(More)
Graphene possesses excellent conductivity, adsorptivity, and controllability. The combination of photocatalysts and graphene will introduce these properties of graphene into photocatalysis. In this paper, graphene oxide-Bi(2)WO(6) composite was firstly prepared via in situ hydrothermal reaction in the presence of graphene oxide, then the graphene oxide was(More)
A novel Bi(2)WO(6)@carbon/Fe(3)O(4) nanostructure with a thin carbon interlayer was reported. Reactive carbon interlayer was introduced as a key component for the growth of Bi(2)WO(6) nanoplates on the magnetic Fe(3)O(4) microsphere. After the carbon layer was oxidized by the KMnO(4) in the basic solution, Bi(3+) ions could be adsorbed by the as produced(More)
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