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– To investigate the universal structure of interactions in financial dynamics, we analyze the cross-correlation matrix C of price returns of the Chinese stock market, in comparison with those of the American and Indian stock markets. As an important emerging market, the Chinese market exhibits much stronger correlations than the developed markets. In the(More)
"In this paper, we use the 1991 Special Migration Statistics to analyse inter-ward flows in the British county of Hereford and Worcester. New modelling techniques...based on the Poisson distribution are used in this research which partially overcome the under-dispersion problem resulting from modelling zero and very small flows.... Analysis at this scale(More)
The application of wind energy develops much more rapidly than the other renewable resources in the 21st century. It becomes the third core energy resources following oil and chemical fuels. China is rich in wind energy resources. Although there is still a lag between China and the developed countries on the usage of wind energy, the wind power industry in(More)
  • P Boyle, J Shen
  • 1997
"This paper...[analyzes] the distance moved by one-year migrants using a multi-level modelling approach. Controlling for a range of socio-economic variables, derived from the 1991 British Census Sample of Anonymised Records (SAR), at both the individual and area level, the distance moved by household heads in public, privately rented and owner-occupied(More)
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