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(1) : We propose and experimentally validate a novel coding technique that allows the simultaneous transmission of several OCDMA channels and a SONET channel in the same WDM window, thus obtaining a truly OCDMA-overlaid WDM system. 1. Introduction. Recently, there has been a renewed interest in OCDMA due to its potential for offering increased levels of(More)
This paper introduces an alternative approach to the camber angle measurement for vehicle wheel alignment. Instead of current commercial approaches that apply computation vision techniques, this study aims at realizing a micro-control-unit (MCU)-based camber inspection system with a 3-axis accelerometer. We analyze the precision of the inspection system for(More)
This paper presents an approach to lane detection for a vehicle. The positions of the lane marks can be evaluated by visual information of the image captured from a single charge-coupled device (CCD) camera. This proposed approach originally utilizes the properties of the CCD array in a camera to achieve the aim of objects positioning, since one pixel(More)
This paper studies the antiwindup synthesis problems for plants with coprime factor uncertainties. The proposed technique utilizes an equivalent framework of compensated systems to investigate the robustness of the antiwindup compensators. The penalty operators of the input saturation are studied originally in general cases. Robustness criteria are proposed(More)
  • J Z Young
  • 1988
1. Longitudinal muscles of the rectum of the skate are first briefly excited and then inhibited by stimulation of the sympathetic nerve fibres. 2. ATP, adrenalin and noradrenalin also produce inhibition. 3. 5HT is strongly excitatory but acetylcholine is only excitatory above 1 microM. 4. The rectum contracts strongly to mechanical stimulation; the response(More)
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