Jiegen Zhang

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It has long been assumed that most parts of a genome and most genetic variations or SNPs are non-functional with regard to reproductive fitness. However, the collective effects of SNPs have yet to be examined by experimental science. We here developed a novel approach to examine the relationship between traits and the total amount of SNPs in panels of(More)
Most common SNPs are popularly assumed to be neutral. We here developed novel methods to examine in animal models and humans whether extreme amount of minor alleles (MAs) carried by an individual may represent extreme trait values and common diseases. We analyzed panels of genetic reference populations and identified the MAs in each panel and the MA content(More)
The traditional learning resources system gathered a mass of heterogeneous data. It is deficient in intelligence and personalization. Its development is complicated and long period. Learners acquire desired resources only through tedious frequent search. In view of shortcomings found in traditional learning resources system, this paper applied data mining(More)
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