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Therearemanysourcesofacousticaldistortionthatcan degradetheperformanceofspeechrecognitionsystems. For many speech recognition applications the most important source of acoustical distortion is the additive noise.Muchresearcheffortinrobustspeechrecognition has been devoted to compensation for the effects of additivenoise.Inthispaper,wewillpresentanapproach(More)
In this paper, we give a simple proof for a good-λ inequality which means that nontangential maximal functions controls area integrals. Let u be a harmonic function on R n+1 +. The nontangential maximal function and the area integral function of f are defined by N β (u)(x) = sup (y,t)∈Γ β (x) |u(y, t)| (β ∈ R 1 +), A α (u)(x) = Γα(x) |∇u(y, t)| 2 t 1−n dydt(More)
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