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— Resistive switching memory with low switching current is critical for low-power application. In this letter, we successfully demonstrated a four-terminal resistive RAM device with ultra-low switching current. The device is SET by one pair of electrodes and RESET by the other. The rupture process of conductive filament can be resulted from electrochemical(More)
Well-behaved Ge quantum well (QW) p-channel metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors (pMOSFETs) were fabricated on silicon-on-insulator (SOI) substrate. By optimizing the growth conditions, ultrathin fully strained Ge film was directly epitaxially grown on SOI at about 450 °C using ultra-high vacuum chemical vapor deposition. In situ Si2H6(More)
In order to conquer the short-channel effects that limit conventional ultra-scale semiconductor devices, two-dimensional materials, as an option of ultimate thin channels, receive wide attention. Graphene, in particular, bears great expectations because of its supreme carrier mobility and saturation velocity. However, its main disadvantage, the lack of(More)
A new GaAs/InGaAs/InGaP compound semiconductor nanotube material structure was designed and fabricated in this work. A thin, InGaAs-strained material layer was designed in the nanotube structure, which can directionally roll up a strained heterostructure through a normal wet etching process. The compound semiconductor nanotube structure was grown by(More)
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