Jie-qiu Chu

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Two fully matured specimens were collected from the blood vessel of two fish, Theragra chalcogramma, which was bought at the Emun market of Seoul in May, 1985. The blood fluke has no pharynx and suckers. Its body surface was covered with minute spines forming fan-shaped groups, 15 microns long. The intestine was H-shaped, and the ratio of esophageal length(More)
Antibiotic X-14889A, C, and D are novel polyether antibiotics related to lysocellin and antibiotic X-14873A. They are produced by a streptomycete isolated from a soil of Wisconsin. The antibiotic X-14889C is active against Gram-positive bacteria and exhibits ionophore property.
OBJECTIVE To explore the effect of Composite Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae Injection (CSMI) on radiosensitivity of leukemia cells. METHODS Semisolid agar culture and flow cytometry assay were performed for studying the change in radiosensitivity of HL60 cell line and fresh human leukemia cells after exposing to CSMI. RESULTS The D0(the inverse of the(More)
By using a spleen colony transfer technique and sex chromosome determinations as a cytogenetic marker, we compared the spleen colony-forming cells of bone marrow origin from three strains of mice, i.e., LACA, C57, and (LACA female X C57 male) F1. The proliferation potential of spleen colony-forming cells was found to be heterogeneous in nature. Some of the(More)
Using a single spleen colony transplantation technique and sex chromosome typing as a natural cytogenetic marker, most spleen colony-forming cells (CFC) in adult bone marrow or fetal livers of inbred LACA or C57 mice re-established hemopoiesis in lethally irradiated mice when the spleen colonies were sampled at 13 days after transplantation. However, most(More)