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Irisin protects against neuronal injury induced by oxygen‐glucose deprivation in part depends on the inhibition of ROS‐NLRP3 inflammatory signaling pathway
HighlightsOGD significantly inhibited endogenous FNDC and irisin expression and release from PC12 cells in a time‐dependent manner.Exogenous irisin mitigated OGD‐induced neuronal injury in aExpand
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Attitudes Toward Advance Directives Among Patients and Their Family Members in China.
OBJECTIVES Chinese people are generally unfamiliar with the concept of advance care planning or advance directives (ACP/ADs), which raises dilemmas in life-support choice and can even affect clinicalExpand
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High-sensitivity cardiac troponin T in geriatric inpatients.
BACKGROUND High-sensitivity cardiac troponin T (hs-cTnT) is detectable in elderly patients without clinical diagnosed cardiovascular disease. Elevated hs-cTnT levels predict increased cardiovascularExpand
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TDDFT study on aluminum and fluoride dual-sensing mechanism of a Schiff-Base sensor.
The aluminum and fluoride dual-sensing mechanism of a previously reported sensor with a Schiff-base moiety (Spectrochim. Acta A, 2017, 183, 267-274) has been investigated by density functional theoryExpand
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Enhancement of the biological activity of nucleopolyhedrovirus through disruption of the peritrophic matrix of insect larvae by chlorfluazuron.
The enhancement of Spodoptera litura (F.) nucleopolyhedrovirus (SlNPV) activity using the chitin synthesis inhibitor chlorfluazuron was investigated. When tested against fifth-instar S. lituraExpand
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TDDFT study on the sensing mechanism of a fluorescent sensor based on SiO bond for fluoride anion
Abstract The sensing mechanism of a reported fluorescent sensor based on Si O bond for fluoride was studied by (TD)DFT calculations. The reaction energy of fluoride is calculated to be the lowestExpand
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Genome Sequence of Virgibacillus pantothenticus DSM 26T (ATCC 14576), a Mesophilic and Halotolerant Bacterium Isolated from Soil
ABSTRACT Virgibacillus pantothenticus DSM 26T is a Gram-positive, spore-forming, aerobic, mesophilic, and halotolerant bacterium. Here, we report its 4.76-Mb draft genome sequence, which is the firstExpand
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Bacillus wudalianchiensis sp. nov., isolated from grass soils of the Wudalianchi scenic area.
A Gram-stain-positive, rod-shaped, endospore-forming, aerobic bacterium, designated FJAT-27215T, was isolated from grass soil collected from Wudalianchi in the Heilongjiang Province of China. GrowthExpand
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Phenolic compounds and the biological effects of Pu-erh teas with long-term storage
ABSTRACT Pu-erh tea has gained more and more popularity and attracted much attention for its various biological effects. The objective of this study was to determine the active phenolic compounds andExpand
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High-Quality Genome Sequence of Bacillus vireti DSM 15602T for Setting Up Phylogenomics for the Genomic Taxonomy of Bacillus-Like Bacteria
ABSTRACT Bacillus vireti DSM 15602T is a Gram-negative, spore-forming, and facultatively anaerobic bacterium. Here, we report the 5.309-Mb draft genome sequence of B. vireti DSM 15602T, which willExpand
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