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High-rate lithium-sulfur batteries promoted by reduced graphene oxide coating.
A carbon-sulfur nanocomposite coated with reduced graphene oxide was designed to confine the polysulfides to improve performance and stability of lithium-Sulfur batteries. Expand
Mussel-inspired polydopamine: a biocompatible and ultrastable coating for nanoparticles in vivo.
Direct evidence is provided to support that the PDA surface modification can serve as an effective strategy to form ultrastable coatings on NPs in vivo, which can improve the intracellular delivery capacity and biocompatibility of NPs for biomedical application. Expand
Preparation of magnetic CoFe2O4-functionalized graphene sheets via a facile hydrothermal method and their adsorption properties
Magnetic CoFe{sub 2}O{sub 4}-functionalized graphene sheets (CoFe{sub 2}O{sub 4}-FGS) nanocomposites have been synthesized by hydrothermal treatment of inorganic salts and thermal exfoliated grapheneExpand
A mesoporous carbon nanofiber-modified pyrolytic graphite electrode used for the simultaneous determination of dopamine, uric acid, and ascorbic acid
A mesoporous carbon nanofiber-modified pyrolytic graphite electrode (MCNF/PGE) has been prepared and applied to the simultaneous electrochemical determination of dopamine (DA), uric acid (UA) andExpand
Activated carbon with ultrahigh specific surface area synthesized from natural plant material for lithium–sulfur batteries
Porous activated carbon with a ultrahigh specific surface area (3164 m2 g−1) and large pore volume (1.88 cm3 g−1) was prepared from waste litchi shells with channel-like macropores via a KOHExpand
Preparation of functionalized graphene sheets by a low-temperature thermal exfoliation approach and their electrochemical supercapacitive behaviors
Abstract Two kinds of functionalized graphene sheets were produced by thermal exfoliation of graphite oxide. The first kind of functionalized graphene sheets was obtained by thermal exfoliation ofExpand
Room-temperature synthesis of an Fe-containing mesoporous molecular sieve
An Fe-containing hexagonal mesoporous silica molecular sieve material was synthesized at room temperature for the first time. X-ray powder diffraction, infrared spectroscopy, electron spin resonanceExpand
Hydrothermal synthesis of graphene–ZnS quantum dot nanocomposites
article i nfo ZnS nanodots highly dispersed on the surfaces of graphene sheets were successfully synthesized via an easy hydrothermal method by using Na2S as reducing agent as well as sulfide source.Expand
Template Synthesis of Three-Dimensional Cubic Ordered Mesoporous Carbon With Tunable Pore Sizes
The results show that the pore sizes of the prepared ordered mesoporous carbons with three-dimensional cubic structure can be regulated in the range of 3.9–9.4 nm. Expand
The characterization and application of p-type semiconducting mesoporous carbon nanofibers
The microstructures of mesoporous carbon nanofibers were characterized by scanning electron microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, nano-Raman, nitrogen adsorption‐desorption and opticalExpand