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Nanoparticles containing magnetic materials, such as magnetite (Fe3O4), are particularly useful for imaging and separation techniques. As these nanoparticles are generally considered to be biologically and chemically inert, they are typically coated with metal catalysts, antibodies or enzymes to increase their functionality as separation agents. Here, we(More)
For the past 150 years, neurobiological models of language have debated the role of key brain regions in language function. One consistently debated set of issues concern the role of the left inferior frontal gyrus in syntactic processing. Here we combine measures of functional activity, grey matter integrity and performance in patients with left hemisphere(More)
Knowledge of the factors that influence the fate and transport of viruses in porous media is very important for accurately determining groundwater vulnerability and for developing protective regulations. In this study, six saturated sand column experiments were performed to examine the effects of a positively charged Al-oxide, which was coated on sand(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to objectively assess levels of physical activity (PA) and sedentary behavior (SB) of Chinese city children and youth aged 9 to 17 years old using accelerometers and to examine their differences by gender, age, grade, and weight status. METHOD The PA and SB of 2,163 students in 4th grade through 11th grade (M(age) =(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the hepatitis E virus (HEV) sensitive cells and its tissue culture conditions. METHODS The HEV from dejecta supernatant of patients with acute hepatitis E was amplified and activated by passaged in Rhesus. Then, the positive dejecta samples of infected monkeys were dealt with super-centrifugation and virus for culture was(More)
Organic materials are widespread in natural soil and aquatic environments. Their effect on virus transport is very important in assessing the risk for contamination of ground water by viruses. This study aimed to determine how different forms (mineral-associated and dissolved) of natural organic matter influence the retention and transport of two(More)
Participating in the repair of nuclear DNA is one mechanism by which p53 suppresses tumorigenesis, but there is growing evidence that p53 also helps maintain the mitochondrial genome through its translocation into mitochondria and interactions with mtDNA repair proteins. Because of the susceptibility of mtDNA to oxidative damage and replication errors, it(More)
Protection of Organic Carbon in Soil Microaggregates Occurs via Restructuring of Aggregate Porosity and Filling of Pores with Accumulating Organic Matter 3 Geochimica Cosmochemica Acta (IN PRESS) 5 6 7 8 9 John F. McCarthy, Jan Ilavsky; Julie D. Jastrow; Lawrence M. Mayer; 11 Edmund Perfect and Jie Zhuang 12 13 Department of Earth and Planetary Science,(More)
Researches on modified Fenton reactions applied in phenol degradation have been focused on reducing secondary pollution and enhancing catalytic efficiency. Newly developed methods utilizing carriers, such as Resin and Nafion, to immobilize Fe(2+) could avoid iron ion leakage. However, the requirement of high temperature and the limited reaction efficiency(More)