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Angiogenesis is a critical component of the proliferative endometrial phase of the menstrual cycle. Thus, we hypothesized that a stem cell-like population exist and can be isolated from menstrual blood. Mononuclear cells collected from the menstrual blood contained a subpopulation of adherent cells which could be maintained in tissue culture for >68(More)
Proxy bidding has proved useful in a variety of real auction formats , such as eBay, and has been proposed for combinatorial auctions. Previous work on proxy bidding in combinatorial auctions requires the auctioneer essentially run the auction with myopic bidders to determine the outcome. In this paper we present a radically different approach that computes(More)
This brief presents an analytical study of synchronization in an array of coupled deterministic Boolean networks (BNs) with time delay. Two kinds of models are considered. In one model, the outputs contain time delay, while in another one, the outputs do not. One restriction in this brief is that the state delay and output delay are restricted to be equal.(More)
This study aimed to investigate whether NLRP3 is associated with IBD in Chinese Han population. Three SNPs were genotyped using polymerase chain reaction with sequence-specific primers in 288 patients [232 Crohn’s disease (CD) patients, 56 ulcerative colitis (UC) patients] and 274 controls. In IBD group, the results showed no significant association. When(More)
The current study developed a psychometrically sound multidimensional measure of Internet addiction: the Chinese Internet Addiction Inventory (CIAI). Data were collected from 1,029 Chinese undergraduate students from 14 universities and colleges. The initial sample was split randomly into two samples (N1=516; N2=513). An exploratory factor analysis (EFA)(More)
The classic wavelet transform has been applied in registration and fusion of medical images for decades. An extension namely, contourlet transform recently indicated its advantages in image fusion with better efficiency in multi-resolution and multi-direction representation and calculation. However, the even higher computational complexity it requires turns(More)
This paper presents an analytical study of synchronization in an array of output-coupled temporal Boolean networks. A temporal Boolean network (TBN) is a logical dynamic system developed to model Boolean networks with regulatory delays. Both state delay and output delay are considered, and these two delays are assumed to be different. By referring to the(More)
In this work, we propose a low-complexity variable forgetting factor (VFF) mechanism for blind adaptive constrained constant modulus (CCM) recursive least square (RLS) algorithms applied to linear interference suppression in direct-sequence code division multiple access (DS-CDMA) systems. The proposed VFF mechanism employs an updated component relating to(More)