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Feedback is the language of human-computer interaction. This article summarizes 6 type feedbacks systematically through a large number of phenomena and shows the basis and reasons of systematicness. Characteristics and limitation of feedbacks form different results of experience. The effective experience of feedback must follow 3 design principles and(More)
to enable the website builders with different knowledge background to build the website rapidly without dependence on any software, "Cloud computing" is utilized to resolve this problem. The enterprise websites' current situation and development data obtained from the survey show that enterprise websites occupy a majority share in the websites world. This(More)
The rapid development of speech processing technology provides a potential for speech retrieval. This paper designs and implements a content-based Chinese speech document retrieval system using keyword spotting and text classification. In this system, a segment of unknown spontaneous speech will be converted into a series of keywords and then classified(More)
In this paper, we apply data mining technology to Chinese stock market in order to research the trend of price, it aims to predict the future trend of the stock market and the fluctuation of price. This paper points out the shortage that exists in current traditional statistical analysis in the stock, then makes use of BP neural network algorithm to predict(More)
Abstract of thesis entitled “Design and implementation of intelligent auction agents for Mobile AGent-based Internet Commerce System (MAGICS)” submitted by Jie Zhang for the degree of Master of Philosophy at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University in January 2004.of thesis entitled “Design and implementation of intelligent auction agents for Mobile AGent-based(More)
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