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Accurate face alignment is a vital prerequisite step for most face perception tasks such as face recognition, facial expression analysis and non-realistic face re-rendering. It can be formulated as the nonlinear inference of the facial landmarks from the detected face region. Deep network seems a good choice to model the nonlinearity, but it is nontrivial(More)
Collaborative filtering suffers from the problems of data sparsity and cold start, which dramatically degrade recommendation performance. To help resolve these issues, we propose TrustSVD, a trust-based matrix factorization technique. By analyzing the social trust data from four real-world data sets, we conclude that not only the explicit but also the(More)
<i>Hardware Trojans (HTs) implemented by adversaries serve as backdoors to subvert or augment the normal operation of infected devices, which may lead to functionality changes, sensitive information leakages, or Denial of Service attacks. To tackle such threats, this paper proposes a novel verification technique for hardware trust, namely</i> VeriTrust,(More)
The ability to accurately perceive the direction and speed of moving objects declines during normal aging. This is likely due to functional degradation of cortical neurons. Most neurons in the primate middle temporal area (MT) are direction-selective and their activity is closely linked to the perception of coherent motion. We investigated the mechanisms(More)
We report the sequencing at 131× coverage, de novo assembly and analyses of the genome of a female Tibetan wild boar. We also resequenced the whole genomes of 30 Tibetan wild boars from six major distributed locations and 18 geographically related pigs in China. We characterized genetic diversity, population structure and patterns of evolution. We searched(More)
We consider the problem of stabilization of a one-dimensional wave equation that contains instability at its free end and control on the opposite end. In contrast to classical collocated “boundary damper” feedbacks for the neutrally stable wave equations with one end satisfying a homogeneous boundary condition, the controllers and the associated observers(More)
A series of hydroponics experiments were performed to investigate roles of silicon (Si) in enhancing cadmium (Cd) tolerance in two pakchoi (Brassica chinensis L.) cultivars: i.e. cv. Shanghaiqing, a Cd-sensitive cultivar, and cv. Hangyoudong, a Cd-tolerant cultivar. Plants were grown under 0.5 and 5 mg Cd L(-1) Cd stress without or with 1.5 mM Si. Plant(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the polymorphisms of DNA repair gene XRCC3 and the relationship between genetic variations and susceptibility to lung cancer. METHODS A case-control study of 291 patients with lung cancer and 273 cancer-free subjects as a control group was conducted from September 2006 to January 2007 to detect XRCC3 polymorphisms at loci. Genotypes of(More)
RNA sequencing can simultaneously identify exonic polymorphisms and quantitate gene expression. Here we report RNA sequencing of developing maize kernels from 368 inbred lines producing 25.8 billion reads and 3.6 million single-nucleotide polymorphisms. Both the MaizeSNP50 BeadChip and the Sequenom MassArray iPLEX platforms confirm a subset of high-quality(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate whether IL-12A, IL-12B, IL-12Rβ1, and IL-27 gene polymorphisms and serum levels of IL-12, IL-27 are associated with esophageal cancer. We genotyped IL-12A gene rs568408, IL-12B gene rs3212227, IL-12Rβ1 gene 378 C/G, IL-27 gene rs153109, rs17855750, and rs181206 polymorphisms in a case–control study of 426 esophageal(More)