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Accurate face alignment is a vital prerequisite step for most face perception tasks such as face recognition, facial expression analysis and non-realistic face re-rendering. It can be formulated as the nonlinear inference of the facial landmarks from the detected face region. Deep network seems a good choice to model the nonlinearity, but it is nontrivial(More)
Collaborative filtering suffers from the problems of data sparsity and cold start, which dramatically degrade recommendation performance. To help resolve these issues, we propose TrustSVD, a trust-based matrix factorization technique. By analyzing the social trust data from four real-world data sets, we conclude that not only the explicit but also the(More)
We report the sequencing at 131× coverage, de novo assembly and analyses of the genome of a female Tibetan wild boar. We also resequenced the whole genomes of 30 Tibetan wild boars from six major distributed locations and 18 geographically related pigs in China. We characterized genetic diversity, population structure and patterns of evolution. We searched(More)
<i>Hardware Trojans (HTs) implemented by adversaries serve as backdoors to subvert or augment the normal operation of infected devices, which may lead to functionality changes, sensitive information leakages, or Denial of Service attacks. To tackle such threats, this paper proposes a novel verification technique for hardware trust, namely</i> VeriTrust,(More)
The ability to accurately perceive the direction and speed of moving objects declines during normal aging. This is likely due to functional degradation of cortical neurons. Most neurons in the primate middle temporal area (MT) are direction-selective and their activity is closely linked to the perception of coherent motion. We investigated the mechanisms(More)
A series of hydroponics experiments were performed to investigate roles of silicon (Si) in enhancing cadmium (Cd) tolerance in two pakchoi (Brassica chinensis L.) cultivars: i.e. cv. Shanghaiqing, a Cd-sensitive cultivar, and cv. Hangyoudong, a Cd-tolerant cultivar. Plants were grown under 0.5 and 5 mg Cd L(-1) Cd stress without or with 1.5 mM Si. Plant(More)
BACKGROUND Low micronutrient levels observed with increasing adiposity may result from inadequate nutrient intake and/or alterations in nutrient metabolism. OBJECTIVE To examine the association between body mass index (BMI) and micronutrient levels among a nationally representative sample of US adults aged > or = 19 years. DESIGN Using nationally(More)
Hardware Trojans (HTs) inserted at design time by malicious insiders on the design team or third-party intellectual property (IP) providers pose a serious threat to the security of computing systems. Researchers have proposed several hardware trust verification techniques to mitigate such threats, and some of them are shown to be able to effectively flag(More)
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  • 2008 The 9th International Conference for Young…
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IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) realizes the convergence of fixed and mobile networks. In virtue of providing various types of multimedia services among different kinds of access networks, IMS is considered as the core network for future Next Generation Networks. For detecting the requested services quickly and efficiently, it is necessary for IMS to adopt a(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate the safety and efficacy of submucosal tunneling endoscopic resection (STER) for upper gastrointestinal submucosal tumors (SMTs) originating from the muscularis propria layer. METHODS During October 2011 and May 2014, a total of 80 patients with SMTs underwent STER at our hospital. A submucosal tunnel was created from 3-5 cm above the(More)