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Blood pressure is a heritable trait influenced by several biological pathways and responsive to environmental stimuli. Over one billion people worldwide have hypertension (≥140 mm Hg systolic blood pressure or  ≥90 mm Hg diastolic blood pressure). Even small increments in blood pressure are associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular events. This(More)
This paper reviews the recent progress in MEMS for radio frequency (RF) applications from a device perspective. RF MEMS devices reviewed include switches and relays, tunable capacitors, integrated inductors, mechanical resonators and filters, and some representative microwave and millimetre-wave components. Important device parameters are highlighted, as(More)
This paper describes the latest version of a bi-objective multipopulation genetic algorithm (BMPGA) aiming to locate all global and local optima on a real-valued differentiable multimodal landscape. The performance of BMPGA is compared against four multimodal GAs on five multimodal functions. BMPGA is distinguished by its use of two separate but(More)
There is extensive interest in automating the collection, organization and analysis of biological data. Data in the form of images present special challenges for such efforts. Since fluorescence microscope images are a primary source of information about the location of proteins within cells, we have set as a long-term goal the building of a knowledge base(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the expression level of TUG1 and one of its transcript variants (n377360) in osteosarcoma cells and assess the role of TUG1 in proliferation and apoptosis in the U2OS cell line. METHODS TUG1 and n377360 expression levels in patients with osteosarcomas and the U2OS human osteosarcoma cell line were evaluated using real-time(More)
Several eukaryotic transcription factors have been shown to modulate the elongation rate of RNA polymerase II (Pol II) on naked or chromatin-reconstituted templates in vitro. However, none of the tested factors have been shown to directly affect the elongation rate of Pol II in vivo. We performed a directed RNAi knock-down (KD) screen targeting 141(More)
Direct observation of transcription factor action in the living cell nucleus can provide important insights into gene regulatory mechanisms. Live-cell imaging techniques have enabled the visualization of a variety of intranuclear activities, from chromosome dynamics to gene expression. However, progress in studying transcription regulation of specific(More)
Negative refraction in metamaterials has generated great excitement in the scientific community. Although negative refraction has been realized in microwave and infrared by using metamaterials and by using two-dimensional waveguide structures, creation of a bulk metamaterial showing negative refraction at visible frequency has not been successful, mainly(More)
This paper discusses a novel and effective technique for extracting multiple ellipses from an image, using a genetic algorithm with multiple populations (MPGA). MPGA evolves a number of subpopulations in parallel, each of which is clustered around an actual or perceived ellipse in the target image. The technique uses both evolution and clustering to direct(More)
Osteoarthritis is a highly prevalent and debilitating joint disorder. There is no effective medical therapy for the condition because of limited understanding of its pathogenesis. We show that transforming growth factor β1 (TGF-β1) is activated in subchondral bone in response to altered mechanical loading in an anterior cruciate ligament transection (ACLT)(More)