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The modulation identification algorithm proposed by Asoke K. Nandi and E. E. Azzouz is one of the important methods in modulation identification field. A solution to the problem you may meet in realizing this algorithm is presented in this paper. A few modifications are made to the identification parameters gamma_max, sigma_ap and sigma_dp. The modulation(More)
A self-organizing feature map (SOM) was used to represent vehicle-following and to analyze the heterogeneities in vehicle-following behavior. The SOM was constructed in such a way that the prototype vectors represented vehicle-following stimuli (the follower's velocity, relative velocity, and gap) while the output signals represented the response (the(More)
It's significant to study the algorithm of endmember extraction, which is the key for pixel unmixing,in the fields of feature identification, abundance inversion, quantitative remote sensing and so on. Based on the theory of shannon entropy and Gaussian distribution function, a new algorithm, named spectral minimum shannon entropy (SMSE) method for(More)
The research and development of the KTP crystal with high threshold is of very importance for its application in high-energy laser systems. Ablation characteristics in KTP crystal as well as their influence on the Raman spectroscopy were studied by UV laser with high repetition frequency. The research results show that the laser plasma effects are the main(More)
In order to detect a weak signal under the condition of intensive noise, the signal and additive white noise were used as input of a bistable stochastic resonance (SR) system. The noise intensity and the system parameters were adjusted adaptively with particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm by examining the SR effect on output signal-to-noise ratio(More)
Spectrum intercomparison search means calculating the similarity of question spectrum and standard spectrum in the database to find the same or similar spectrum as the question spectrum. To weaken the impact of irrelevant information on spectrum intercomparison search results and improve the search accuracy, the question spectrum noise is taken for example(More)
Massive redundant contours happen when the classical Chan-Vese (C-V) model is used to segment remote sensing images, which have interlaced edges. What's more, this model can't segment homogeneous objects with multiple regions. In order to overcome this limitation of C-V model, narrow band multiple level set method is proposed. The use of N-1 curves is(More)
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