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The inexorable increase in energy demand around the world has put the energy-saving technology in hot spot for railway transportation. Train speed trajectory optimization based on optimal control, coasting control, and collaborative control inside railway systems is a popular methodology to enhance energy efficiency. This paper studies a special and(More)
Yunxiao Fu 1,2, Limin Jia 2,3,*, Yong Qin 2,3, Jie Yang 2,4 and Ding Fu 5 1 State Key Laboratory of Rail Traffic Control and Safety, Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing 100044, China; yunxiaof2012@163.com 2 School of Electric Engineering, Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing 100044, China; qinyong2146@126.com (Y.Q.); 13114252@bjtu.edu.cn (J.Y.) 3 Beijing(More)
Speed profile optimization plays an important role in optimal train control. Considering the characteristics of an electrical locomotive with regenerative braking, this paper proposes a new algorithm for target speed profile approximation. This paper makes the following three contributions: First, it proves that under a certain calculation precision, there(More)
Bus passenger flow data are the basis of traffic planning department and public transportation operation department for management, operation and dispatching. It has an important significance for traffic flow accurately and predicting traffic flow. But the traditional methods obtaining passenger flow only can get little information by field investigation(More)
Based on the characteristics of freight train control, which are nonlinear, time-delay, with multi-constraint and multiobjective, this paper focuses on speed tracking problem. Firstly, in a gradual process, a multi-modal fuzzy PID (MM-FPID) control algorithm is presented on the basis of a brief analysis of PI and PID control, which is generally used to(More)
Rail transport, one of the most important means of transportation, is very meaningful to the development of national economy as well as the social welfare. While it provides people convenient and efficient services, it consumes huge amounts of energy. With increasing emphasis from society on energy-saving and emission-reducing, researches on energy(More)
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