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Abnormal epigenetic regulation has been implicated in oncogenesis. We report here the identification of somatic mutations by exome sequencing in acute monocytic leukemia, the M5 subtype of acute myeloid leukemia (AML-M5). We discovered mutations in DNMT3A (encoding DNA methyltransferase 3A) in 23 of 112 (20.5%) cases. The DNMT3A mutants showed reduced(More)
Our previous studies have demonstrated that stable microRNAs (miRNAs) in mammalian serum and plasma are actively secreted from tissues and cells and can serve as a novel class of biomarkers for diseases, and act as signaling molecules in intercellular communication. Here, we report the surprising finding that exogenous plant miRNAs are present in the sera(More)
BACKGROUND Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) has rapidly spread among men who have sex with men (MSM) in China in recent years; the magnitude of the epidemic is unclear. We sought to test 3 hypotheses: (1) The prevalence of both HIV and syphilis among MSM in China is high, (2) the 2 epidemics each have unique geographical distributions, and (3) demographic(More)
Previous studies have shown that oligodendroglial progenitor cells (OPCs) can give rise to neurons in vitro and in perinatal cerebral cortex in vivo. We now report that OPCs in adult murine piriform cortex express low levels of doublecortin, a marker for migratory and immature neurons. Additionally, these OPCs express Sox2, a neural stem cell marker, and(More)
Increasing evidence demonstrates that there is marked damage and dysfunction in the white matter in Alzheimer’s disease (AD). The present study investigates the nature of white matter damage of patients with Alzheimer’s disease with diffusion tensor magnetic resonance imaging (DTI) and analyses the relationship between the white matter damage and the(More)
Optimizing the energy efficiency (EE) for the MIMO broadcasting channels (BC) is addressed in this paper, taking into account the transmit independent power which is related to the active transmit antenna number. A new optimization framework is proposed, in which transmit covariance optimization under fixed active transmit antenna sets is first performed(More)
We address the problem of large-scale data integration, where the data sources are unknown at design time, are from autonomous organisations, and may evolve. Experiments are described involving a demonstrator system in the field of health services data integration within the UK. Current Web services technology has been used extensively and largely(More)
This paper presents a scheme for coordinated error recovery between multiple interacting objects in a concurrent objectoriented system. A conceptual framework for fault tolerance is established based on a general object concurrency model that is supported by most concurrent object-oriented languages and systems. This framework integrates two complementary(More)
BACKGROUND First trimester screening (FTS) for Down syndrome combines measurement of nuchal translucency, free beta-human chorionic gonadotrophin and pregnancy-associated plasma protein-A (PAPP-A). The aim of this study was to undertake a detailed analysis of FTS results in singleton pregnancies conceived using assisted reproductive technologies (ART) and(More)
Modern object-oriented systems have to cope with an increasing number of exceptional conditions and incorporate fault tolerance into systems' activities in order to meet dependability-related requirements. An exception handling mechanism is one of the most important schemes for detecting and recovering errors, and for structuring fault-tolerant activities(More)