Jie-Xiu Ouyang

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BACKGROUND Current influenza vaccines need to be annually reformulated to well match the predicated circulating strains. Thus, it is critical for developing a novel universal influenza vaccine that would be able to confer cross-protection against constantly emerging divergent influenza virus strains. Influenza virus A is a genus of the Orthomyxoviridae(More)
BACKGROUND Highly pathogenic H5N1 avian influenza viruses pose a debilitating pandemic threat in poultry. Current influenza vaccines predominantly focus on hemagglutinin (HA) which anti-HA antibodies are often neutralizing, and are used routinely to assess vaccine immunogenicity. However, Neuraminidase (NA), the other major glycoprotein on the surface of(More)
The freshwater mussel Ptychorhynchus pfisteri is a threatened and endemic species in China. In this study, the complete maternal mitochondrial genome of P. pfisteri was firstly determined (GenBank accession no. KY067440). The circle genome is 16,040 bp in length. It consists of 14 protein-coding genes (cox1-3, nad1-6, nad4L, cob, atp6, atp8 and FORF), 22(More)
Current influenza vaccines provide strain-specific protection against homologous subtypes and need to be updated annually. Therefore, it is essential to develop a universal vaccine that would induce broadly cross-protective immunity against homologous and heterologous influenza A viruses. The highly conserved HA2 subunit is a promising candidate for(More)
Pten (phosphatase and tensin homolog deleted on chromosome 10), a kind of tumor suppressor gene, plays important roles in female reproductive system. But its expression and roles in the formation of polycystic ovaries are yet to be known. In this study, we constructed a rat model of PCOS using norethindrone and HCG injections and found the expressions of(More)
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