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Polydactyly occurs in some chicken breeds, but the molecular mechanism remains incompletely understood. Combined genome-wide linkage analysis and association study (GWAS) for chicken polydactyly helps identify loci or candidate genes for the trait and potentially provides further mechanistic understanding of this phenotype in chickens and perhaps other(More)
PURPOSE Physiological fluctuations in biological tissues adversely affect MR images if present during signal acquisition. This problem is especially important for quantitative MRI. The goal of the studies reported in this study was to reduce the contributions of physiological fluctuations in quantitative MRI based on T2* tissue relaxation properties.(More)
—Cyber-Individual, with a short term 'Cyber-I', is a real individual's counterpart in cyberspace. It is closely related to human-centric computing ideology which focuses on placing human in the center of computing. The study on Cyber-I tries to reexamine and analyze human essence in the digital era. Cyber-I's vision is to create a unique, digital,(More)
Accurate electricity forecasting has become a very important research field for high-efficiency electricity production. But the hybrid data-driven models for load forecasting are rarely studied. This paper presents a novel hybrid data-driven “PEK” model for predicting the daily total load. The proposed hybrid model is mainly constructed by various function(More)
Intramuscular fat (IMF) is one of the important factors influencing meat quality, however, for chickens, the molecular regulatory mechanisms underlying this trait have not yet been determined. In this study, a systematic identification of candidate genes and new pathways related to IMF deposition in chicken breast tissue has been made using gene expression(More)
Toll-like receptors (TLRs) signaling pathways are the first lines in defense against Salmonella enteritidis (S. enteritidis) infection but the molecular mechanism underlying susceptibility to S. enteritidis infection in chicken remains unclear. SPF chickens injected with S. enteritidis were partitioned into two groups, one consisted of those from(More)
Cortical gray matter (GM) damage is now widely recognized in multiple sclerosis (MS). The standard MRI does not reliably detect cortical GM lesions, although cortical volume loss can be measured. In this study, we demonstrate that the gradient echo MRI can reliably and quantitatively assess cortical GM damage in MS patients using standard clinical scanners.(More)
BACKGROUND The widespread threat of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) to human life has spawned challenges to develop fast and accurate analytical methods for its early diagnosis and to create a safe antiviral vaccine for preventive use. Consequently, we thoroughly investigated the immunoreactivities with patient sera of a series of synthesized(More)