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UNLABELLED Cherry BJ, Weiss J, Barakat BK, Rutledge DN, Jones CJ. Physical performance as a predictor of attention and processing speed in fibromyalgia. OBJECTIVE To explore the associations between physical (both self-report and objective measures) and cognitive function for persons with fibromyalgia (FM). DESIGN Correlational study. SETTING An(More)
The purpose of the grounded theory study discussed in this article was to discover and explicate the basic social problem in clients with diabetes and hypertension that affects their adherence to health care directives. In-depth interviews with 21 clients with both diabetes and hypertension and 3 health care providers who care for such clients were(More)
AIMS The goal of this study was to describe how persons with fibromyalgia manage their lives given the multiple symptoms they experience, in particular how they use non-pharmacologic strategies, or how they incorporate these strategies along with pharmacologic agents. BACKGROUND Persons with fibromyalgia, a widespread chronic pain condition, often suffer(More)
Alcohol consumption is a major social problem throughout the US. This study seeks to identify the risk and protective factors associated with adolescent alcohol drinking by examining social psychological variables. Selected items from a baseline questionnaire for a two year drug prevention study were used to conduct bivariate and logistic regression(More)
Bone cells released from perinatal rat calvaria by digestion with clostridial peptidase were separated into two distinct populations (designated types B and C) by equilibrium density centrifugation on a two-step gradient of Percoll. They were extensively characterized by light and electron microscopy and for behaviour in culture, acid and alkaline(More)
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