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Increased nitroxidative stress causes mitochondrial dysfunctions through oxidative modifications of mitochondrial DNA, lipids, and proteins. Persistent mitochondrial dysfunction sensitizes the target cells/organs to other pathological risk factors and thus ultimately contributes to the development of more severe disease states in alcoholic and nonalcoholic(More)
Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) is of particular relevance to those who may suffer from Alzheimer's Disease or dementia, and, of course, their carers. The slow but progressive nature of the disease, together with its neurological nature, ultimately compromises the behavior and function of people who may be essentially healthy from a physical perspective. An(More)
Activity recognition is fundamental to many of the services envisaged in pervasive computing and ambient intelligence scenarios. However, delivering sufficiently robust activity recognition systems that could be deployed with confidence in an arbitrary real-world setting remains an outstanding challenge. Developments in wireless, inexpensive and unobtrusive(More)
Based on TPB model, the paper proposes an extended model to explain the intentions of potential respondents' to participate in Web-based surveys. The chief objective of this paper is to obtain a more comprehensible picture of how intentions are formed. We empirically tested the research model with a sample 131 participants. Hierarchical regression and(More)
Pituitary adenoma with ossification is a rare histological variant. Previously there have been four cases reported in the literature. Here a case of pituitary prolactin-producing adenoma with bone formation in a 21-year-old woman is described. The patient had irregular menstruation for three years. MRI revealed an unusual 1.5 cm(3) ovoid nodule with partial(More)