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Polyphenoloxidase (PPO) from Chinese pear ( Pyrus pyrifolia Nakai) was characterized using catechol as a substrate. PPO had a V(max) of 289.2 units/min and a K(m) of 3.8 mmol/L, which indicates that P. pyrifolia Nakai PPO has a great affinity for catechol. The catalyzing reaction velocity was proportional to the PPO concentration. The optimum pH and(More)
Micronized by a dry grinding method (D-ODF) or a wet granulating method (W-ODF), okara dietary fiber (ODF), was fed to BALB/c mice for 28 d. The water holding capacity of D-ODF and W-ODF was significantly enhanced after micronization. W-ODF had a larger swell capacity and a higher content of soluble dietary fiber than crude ODF and D-ODF. After feeding for(More)
Pituitary adenoma with ossification is a rare histological variant. Previously there have been four cases reported in the literature. Here a case of pituitary prolactin-producing adenoma with bone formation in a 21-year-old woman is described. The patient had irregular menstruation for three years. MRI revealed an unusual 1.5 cm(3) ovoid nodule with partial(More)
In this study, medium-chain fatty acid (MCFA) liposomes were prepared by the film ultrasonic dispersion, modified ethanol injection, and reverse-phase evaporate methods. The results indicated that the liposomes prepared by the thin-film ultrasonic dispersion method had a high entrapment efficiency of 82.7% and a good distribution in size diameters. The MCFA(More)
BACKGROUND Hyperhomocysteinemia (HHcy) has been reported as an independent risk factor for coronary artery disease; however it is not clear regarding the action of HHcy on the homing of cardiac stem cells (CSCs) to the damaged myocardium and the consequent CSCs-mediated cardiac repair post myocardial infarction. METHODS Sprague-Dawley (SD) rats were(More)
RATIONALE, AIMS AND OBJECTIVES Inappropriate use and overuse of antibiotics and injections are serious threats to the global population, particularly in developing countries. In recent decades, public reporting of health care performance (PRHCP) has been an instrument to improve the quality of care. However, existing evidence shows a mixed effect of PRHCP.(More)
Angiosarcoma is a rare malignant mesenchymal tumor with poor prognosis. We aimed to identify malignancy-associated miRNAs and their target genes, and explore biological functions of miRNA and its target in angiosarcoma. By miRNA microarrays and reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction, we identified 1 up-regulated miRNA (miR-222-3p) and 3(More)
The effect of succinimidyl carbonates activated methoxypolyethylene glycol (mPEG-SC) on the catalytic properties and conformation of native trypsin and dynamic high-pressure microfluidisation (DHPM) induced unfolded trypsin was studied. The thermal stability of unfolded trypsin was enhanced more significantly than that of native trypsin between 45 and 70°C.(More)
Cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma (cSCC) is the second most common non-melanoma skin cancer worldwide. Today, cSCC is diagnosed by visual inspection followed by invasive skin biopsy. There is a need to develop non-invasive diagnostic tools to achieve early and accurate detection. Photoacoustic imaging (PAI) possesses high ultrasonic resolution and strong(More)
Five rabbit populations (Belgian hare, Tianfu black rabbit, Great line of Zika rabbit, Harbin white rabbit, and California rabbit) were used to analyze the polymorphism of growth hormone receptor (GHR) gene by PCR-SSCP. Results indicated that there were two mutation sites (C705T and C810T) in the 5 populations. The least square analyses showed that the live(More)