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Detection of vascular bifurcations is a challenging task in multimodal retinal image registration. Existing algorithms based on bifurcations usually fail in correctly aligning poor quality retinal image pairs. To solve this problem, we propose a novel highly distinctive local feature descriptor named partial intensity invariant feature descriptor (PIIFD)(More)
Fuzzy vault is a practical and promising scheme, which can protect biometric templates and perform secure key management simultaneously. Alignment of the template biometric sample and the query one in the encrypted domain remains a challenging task. While implementing fuzzy fingerprint vault, the accuracy of alignment in encrypted domain cannot be ensured(More)
The quality of human silhouettes has a direct effect on gait recognition performance. This paper proposes a robust dynamic gait representation scheme, frame difference energy image (FDEI), to suppress the influence of silhouette incompleteness. A gait cycle is first divided into clusters. The average image of each cluster is denoised and becomes the(More)
Information fusion offers a promising solution to the development of a high-performance classification system. In this paper, the problem of multiple gait features fusion is explored with the framework of the factorial hidden Markov model (FHMM). The FHMM has a multiple-layer structure and provides an alternative to combine several gait features without(More)
We investigate the problem of diagnostic lung nodule classification using thoracic Computed Tomography (CT) screening. Unlike traditional studies primarily relying on nodule segmentation for regional analysis, we tackle a more challenging problem on directly modelling raw nodule patches without any prior definition of nodule morphology. We propose a(More)
An algorithm for the segmentation of fingerprints and a criterion for evaluating the block feature are presented. The segmentation uses three block features: the block clusters degree, the blockmean information, and the block variance. An optimal linear classifier has been trained for the classification per block and the criteria of minimal number of(More)
Motivated by the observation that a retinal fundus image may contain some unique geometric structures within its vascular trees which can be utilized for feature matching, in this paper, we proposed a graph-based registration framework called GM-ICP to align pairwise retinal images. First, the retinal vessels are automatically detected and represented as(More)
This paper describes the scale invariant feature transform (SIFT) method for rapid preregistration of medical image. This technique originates from Lowe's method wherein preregistration is achieved by matching the corresponding keypoints between two images. The computational complexity has been reduced when we applied SIFT preregistration method before(More)
The aim of current study is to investigate the effect of systemic administration of lipopolysaccharide (LPS) on the temporal pattern of cortical nuclear factor kappa B (NF-kappaB) binding activity, inflammatory response and secondary damage in the injured brain following traumatic brain injury (TBI). Right parietal cortical contusion in rats was made by(More)