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The Cloud computing emerges as a new computing paradigm which aims to provide reliable, customized and QoS guaranteed dynamic computing environments for end-users. In this paper, we study the Cloud computing paradigm from various aspects, such as definitions, distinct features, and enabling technologies. This paper brings an introductional review on the(More)
Cloud computing emerges as a new computing paradigm which aims to provide reliable, customized and QoS guaranteed computing dynamic environments for end-users. This paper reviews recent advances of Cloud computing, identifies the concepts and characters of scientific Clouds, and finally presents an example of scientific Cloud for data centers
A poor cache behavior can significantly prohibit achieving high speedup and scalability of parallel applications. This means optimizing a program with respect to cache locality can potentially introduce considerable performance gain. As a consequence, programmers usually perform cache locality optimization for acquiring the expected performance of their(More)
Microprocessor architecture for both commercial and academical purpose is coming into a new generation: multiprocessors on a chip. Together with this novel architecture, questions and research topics also arise. For example, how to design the on-chip caches to avoid memory operations becoming the performance bottleneck? In this work, we study the impact of(More)
Cyberinfrastructure offers a vision of advanced knowledge infrastructure for research and education. It integrates diverse resources across geographically distributed resources and human communities. Cy-beraide is a service oriented architecture and abstraction framework that integrates a large number of available commodity libraries and allows users to(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Buthus martensi Karsch (BmK) AS is a scorpion polypeptide toxin, said to target the voltage-gated sodium channels (VGSCs). However, the mechanism of action of BmK AS on the VGSCs has yet to be defined. EXPERIMENTAL APPROACH We examined the electrophysiological effects of BmK AS in a wide dose range on the rat brain-type VGSC(More)
BACKGROUND BK channels are usually activated by membrane depolarization and cytoplasmic Ca(2+). Especially,the activity of BK channel (α+β4) can be modulated by martentoxin, a 37 residues peptide, with Ca(2+)-dependent manner. gBK channel (glioma BK channel) and BK channel (α+β1) possessed higher Ca(2+) sensitivity than other known BK channel subtypes. (More)
In this study, the pharmacological kinetics of Buthus martensi Karsch (BmK) AS, a specific modulator of voltage-gated sodium channel site 4, was investigated on Nav1.3 expressed in Xenopus oocytes. Two-electrode voltage clamp was used to record the whole-cell sodium current. The peak currents of Nav1.3 were depressed by BmK AS over a wide range of(More)