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Photonic ADC: overcoming the bottleneck of electronic jitter.
In this work, the potential of the photonic approach is demonstrated by sampling a 41 GHz signal with record 7.0 ENOB with a discrete-component photonic ADC built from discrete components. Expand
Large-scale nanophotonic phased array
We present a large-scale two-dimensional nanophotonic phased array (NPA), in which 64 × 64 (4,096) optical nanoantennas are densely integrated on a silicon chip within a footprint of 576 μm with all of the nanoantennaas precisely balanced in power and aligned in phase to generate a sophisticated radiation pattern in the far field. Expand
An ultralow power athermal silicon modulator
Silicon photonics has emerged as the leading candidate for implementing ultralow power wavelength–division–multiplexed communication networks in high-performance computers, yet current componentsExpand
Nanophotonic integration in state-of-the-art CMOS foundries.
We demonstrate a monolithic photonic integration platform that leverages the existing state-of-the-art CMOS foundry infrastructure. Expand
Integrated phased array for wide-angle beam steering.
We demonstrate an on-chip optical phased array fabricated in a CMOS compatible process with continuous, fast (100 kHz), wide-angle (51°) beam-steering suitable for applications such as low-cost LIDARExpand
Open foundry platform for high-performance electronic-photonic integration.
This paper presents photonic devices with 3 dB/cm waveguide loss fabricated in an existing commercial electronic 45 nm SOI-CMOS foundry process. Expand
Adiabatic thermo-optic Mach-Zehnder switch.
In this Letter, we propose and demonstrate a high-speed and power-efficient thermo-optic switch using an adiabatic bend with a directly integrated silicon heater to minimize the heat capacity andExpand
A high-Q tunable interior-ridge microring filter
A tunable interior-ridge microring filter is demonstrated with a high quality factor of 1.5×105, while achieving a thermal tuning efficiency of 5.5μW/GHz. The filter demonstrates a record lowExpand
Large-Scale Silicon Photonic Circuits for Optical Phased Arrays
We review recent advances in integrated large-scale optical phased arrays. The design and fabrication of large-scale optical phased arrays using silicon photonic circuits are discussed from deviceExpand
Two-dimensional apodized silicon photonic phased arrays.
In this Letter, we demonstrate an 8×8 apodized silicon photonic phased array where the emission from each of 64 nanoantennas was tailored to exhibit Gaussian-shaped intensity distributions in theExpand