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Based on BP neural network, the paper set up an island microgrid system to forecast electricity load. In order to improve forecast accuracy and convergence speed, author updates BP neural network in two ways. on one hand, putting forward several limitations of the basic algorithm for BP, the paper firstly gives several commonly used improved BP algorithm to(More)
Hybrid electric buses have been a promising technology to improve fuel economy and vehicle drivability. Due to the distinct transient response characteristics between different power sources and the discontinuity of the transmitted clutch torque, the output torque fluctuations of hybrid powertrains and the resulting vehicle jerks may occur during mode(More)
The doubly-fed induction wind power generator is composed of mechanical and electric subsystems which have different time-scales so the subsystem control strategy can be designed individually. Because the pneumatic power is difficult to measure directly, the real-time estimation is done based on the extended state theory. Then the maximum power capture(More)
Additional energy source of hybrid electric buses comprises new control tasks. One of the main challenges of hybrid electric buses is the integrated control between traction motor and brakes, associated with which is the problem of switching traction motor and brakes. Existing control techniques only provide a result of frequent switch and jerky ride. In(More)
The wind-solar-diesel hybrid power supply system can make fully use of the local wind and solar resources. Such a distributed generation supply system in an island of south china is detailed introduced. Based on the analysis of the local natural resources, different load components and their operating characteristics, a novel hybrid power supply system(More)
Based on analyzing the research status of microgrid system, a multi-grade stand-alone microgrid system which could be used in island, desert, remote mountain areas was built. The network topology and characteristics of the system were illustrated. The scheduling control and energy management system of the microgrid were researched based on supervisory(More)
In this paper, an indirect adaptive fuzzy sliding mode control scheme is designed for hybrid electric bus. The trajectory tracking control for stopping the bus in a bus station is proposed. The control strategies of regenerative braking in the hybrid electric bus add the control difficulty of the longitudinal braking system. Its nonlinearities are estimated(More)
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