Jie-Qing Ai

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In order to enable the individual agents to be aware of the both macro constraints from agent social and instructions from agent's owner, a norm and policy extended agent BDI model (called NPCD-Agent) has been proposed, by integrating norms and policies into traditional agent BDI model. On the basis of NPCD-Agent model, this paper proposes a semantic model(More)
It is a challenging problem to ensure the global goal of virtual organization together with maintaining the autonomous ability of individual agent in open, dynamic and heterogeneous network environment. Aiming at this problem, this paper proposes a model of agent social based on norms, policies, and contracts to form and operate VO. This model is divided(More)
Grid computing technology is a promising method to implement large-scale distributed resources sharing and cooperative problem solving across virtual organization. Agent with its intelligent nature is fit for representing network entity to encapsulate, provide and invoke grid service in the internet. However, the challenging problem is how to reflect the(More)
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