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BACKGROUND Control genes, which are often referred to as housekeeping genes, are frequently used to normalise mRNA levels between different samples. However, the expression level of these genes may vary among tissues or cells and may change under certain circumstances. Thus, the selection of housekeeping genes is critical for gene expression studies. To(More)
For resource-limited language pairs, coverage of the test set by the parallel corpus is an important factor that affects translation quality in two respects: 1) out of vocabulary words; 2) the same information in an input sentence can be expressed in different ways, while current phrase-based SMT systems cannot automatically select an alternative way to(More)
This article describes a large-scale evaluation of the use of Statistical Machine Translation for professional subtitling. The work was carried out within the FP7 EU-funded project SUMAT and involved two rounds of evaluation: a quality evaluation and a measure of productivity gain/loss. We present the SMT systems built for the project and the corpora they(More)
—We present a versatile method that enumerates all or a user-specified number of longest sensitisable paths in the whole circuit or through specific components. The path information can be used for design and test of circuits affected by statistical process variations. The algorithm encodes all aspects of the path search as an instance of the Boolean(More)
BACKGROUND Pluri-potent bone marrow stromal cells (MSCs) provide an attractive opportunity to generate unlimited glucose-responsive insulin-producing cells for the treatment of diabetes. We explored the potential for human MSCs (hMSCs) to be differentiated into glucose-responsive cells through a non-viral genetic reprogramming approach. METHODS AND(More)
— Advanced video coding standards have become widely deployed in numerous products, such as multimedia service, broadcasting, mobile television, video conferences, surveillance systems and so on. New compression techniques are gradually included in video coding standards so that a 50% compression rate reduction is achievable every ten years. However,(More)