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BACKGROUND Control genes, which are often referred to as housekeeping genes, are frequently used to normalise mRNA levels between different samples. However, the expression level of these genes may vary among tissues or cells and may change under certain circumstances. Thus, the selection of housekeeping genes is critical for gene expression studies. To(More)
For resource-limited language pairs, coverage of the test set by the parallel corpus is an important factor that affects translation quality in two respects: 1) out of vocabulary words; 2) the same information in an input sentence can be expressed in different ways, while current phrase-based SMT systems cannot automatically select an alternative way to(More)
—We present a versatile method that enumerates all or a user-specified number of longest sensitisable paths in the whole circuit or through specific components. The path information can be used for design and test of circuits affected by statistical process variations. The algorithm encodes all aspects of the path search as an instance of the Boolean(More)
DNA double-strand breaks (DSBs) represent the most toxic DNA damage arisen from endogenous and exogenous genotoxic stresses and are known to be repaired by either homologous recombination or nonhomologous end-joining processes. Although many proteins have been identified to participate in either of the processes, the whole processes still remain elusive.(More)
This paper presents a case-study of work done by Applied Language Solutions (ALS) for a large social networking provider who claim to have built the world's first multi-language social network, where Internet users from all over the world can communicate in languages that are available in the system. In an initial phase, the social networking provider(More)
The therapeutic potential of Wnt proteins has long been recognized but challenges associated with in vivo stability and delivery have hindered their development as drug candidates. By exploiting the hydrophobic nature of the protein we provide evidence that exogenous Wnt3a can be delivered in vivo if it is associated with a lipid vesicle. Recombinant Wnt3a(More)
This article describes a large-scale evaluation of the use of Statistical Machine Translation for professional subtitling. The work was carried out within the FP7 EU-funded project SUMAT and involved two rounds of evaluation: a quality evaluation and a measure of productivity gain/loss. We present the SMT systems built for the project and the corpora they(More)
Content localisation via machine translation (MT) is a sine qua non, especially for international online business. While most applications utilise rule-based solutions due to the lack of suitable in-domain parallel corpora for statistical MT (SMT) training, in this paper we investigate the possibility of applying SMT where huge amounts of monolingual(More)
Ion channels are involved in normal physiologic processes and in the pathology of various diseases. In this study, we investigated the presence and potential function of transient receptor potential melastatin 7 (TRPM7) channels in the growth and proliferation of FaDu and SCC25 cells, two common human head and neck squamous carcinoma cell lines, using a(More)