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<b>Introduction</b> While product review systems that collect and disseminate opinions about products from recent buyers (Table 1) are valuable forms of word-of-mouth communication, evidence suggests that they are overwhelmingly positive. Kadet notes that most products receive almost five stars. Chevalier and Mayzlin also show that book reviews on Amazon(More)
C ompanies have increasingly advocated social media technologies to transform businesses and improve organizational performance. This study scrutinizes the predictive relationships between social media and firm equity value, the relative effects of social media metrics compared with conventional online behavioral metrics, and the dynamics of these(More)
Consumer buzz in the form of user-generated reviews, recommendations and blogs signals consumer attitude and advocacy can influence firm value. Web traffic also affects brand awareness and customer acquisition, and is a predictor of the performance of a firm's stock in the market. The information systems (IS) and accounting literature have treated buzz and(More)
— Balancing the amount of advertising and content on a web page affects the profitability of the web site and its attractiveness to potential visitors. This tradeoff is modelled as a control problem for a web site manager who is maximizing the net present value of cash flows by controlling the amount of advertising and content displayed on the web site over(More)
of Rochester, where he teaches courses on financial information systems and the economics of information management and e-commerce. His research interests include management of information systems in organizations, markets for information goods and services, and the economics of electronic commerce. He utilizes applied probability and decision sciences to(More)