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The MapReduce model is becoming prominent for the large-scale data analysis in the cloud. In this paper, we present the benchmarking, evaluation and characterization of Hadoop, an open-source implementation of MapReduce. We first introduce HiBench, a new benchmark suite for Hadoop. It consists of a set of Hadoop programs, including both synthetic(More)
The WRKY proteins are a superfamily of regulators that control diverse developmental and physiological processes. This family was believed to be plant specific until the recent identification of WRKY genes in nonphotosynthetic eukaryotes. We have undertaken a comprehensive computational analysis of the rice (Oryza sativa) genomic sequences and predicted the(More)
The induction of pluripotency or trans-differentiation of one cell type to another can be accomplished with cell-lineage-specific transcription factors. Here, we report that repression of a single RNA binding polypyrimidine-tract-binding (PTB) protein, which occurs during normal brain development via the action of miR-124, is sufficient to induce(More)
Previous studies suggested that FGF signaling is important for lens formation. However, the times at which FGFs act to promote lens formation, the FGFs that are involved, the cells that secrete them and the mechanisms by which FGF signaling may promote lens formation are not known. We found that transcripts encoding several FGF ligands and the four(More)
ALDH3A1 (aldehyde dehydrogenase 3A1) is abundant in the mouse cornea but undetectable in the lens, and ALDH1A1 is present at lower (catalytic) levels in the cornea and lens. To test the hypothesis that ALDH3A1 and ALDH1A1 protect the anterior segment of the eye against environmentally induced oxidative damage, Aldh1a1(-/-)/Aldh3a1(-/-) double knock-out and(More)
At present, functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) of cortical language functions favors "silent" task paradigms with no overt speaking, due to severe motion artifacts in MR images induced by vocalization. To the extent that the neural substrate of silent speaking might differ from that of overt speaking, this is a problem for understanding spoken(More)
BACKGROUND Migraineurs with visual aura are highly susceptible to illusions and visual distortion and are particularly sensitive to a pattern of regularly spaced parallel lines or stripes. PURPOSE To determine whether the high degree of susceptibility to illusions and visual distortion in migraineurs with aura is associated with hyperneurological activity(More)
BACKGROUND Internet addiction disorder (IAD) is rapidly becoming a prevalent mental health concern around the world. The neurobiological underpinnings of IAD should be studied to unravel the potential heterogeneity. This study was set to investigate the error-monitoring ability in IAD subjects. METHODS Fifteen IAD subjects and 15 healthy controls (HC)(More)
Although placodes are ubiquitous precursors of tissue invagination, the mechanism of placode formation has not been established and the requirement of placode formation for subsequent invagination has not been tested. Earlier measurements in chicken embryos supported the view that lens placode formation occurs because the extracellular matrix (ECM) between(More)
Lens induction is a classical embryologic model to study cell fate determination. It has been proposed earlier that specific changes in core histone modifications accompany the process of cell fate specification and determination. The lysine acetyltransferases CBP and p300 function as principal enzymes that modify core histones to facilitate specific gene(More)