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Preparation of polymer single chain nanoparticles using intramolecular photodimerization of coumarin
We present a new and easy method for preparing polymer single chain nanoparticles (SCNPs). It uses the photodimerization of coumarin groups located on the same chain to obtain the intrachain
Effect of polymer structures on electro-optical properties of polymer stabilized liquid crystal films
The polymer stabilized liquid crystal (PSLC) film is a relatively novel electro-optical material, which is generally obtained by dissolving a small amount of a bifunctional photoreactive monomer in a
Photoresponsive Nanogels Based on Photocontrollable Cross-Links
We present a new and general strategy for preparing photoresponsive nanogels. It is based on using light to reversibly change the cross-linking density of nanogel particles to control their swelling
Azobenzene-containing block copolymers: the interplay of light and morphology enables new functions
In azobenzene-containing block copolymers (azo BCPs), the reversible trans–cisphotoisomerization of the chromophore can be coupled with the microphase separation-induced morphology. Recent studies
Both core- and shell-cross-linked nanogels: photoinduced size change, intraparticle LCST, and interparticle UCST thermal behaviors.
New thermal- and photoresponsive core-shell nanogel particles were obtained from self-assembly in aqueous solution of a double-hydrophilic block copolymer (DHBCP) of which the two blocks could be
Corona-Cross-Linked Polymer Vesicles Displaying a Large and Reversible Temperature-Responsive Volume Transition
Departementdemedecinenucleaireet de radiobiologie and Centre d’imagerie moleculaire deSherbrooke, Universite de Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke, Quebec,Canada J1K 2R1Received August 14, 2009Revised Manuscript
Photoinduced bending of a coumarin-containing supramolecular polymer
An amorphous polymer bearing a number of H-bonded coumarin groups can display large bending towards incident UV light. Imbalanced surface stresses generated by the photocrosslinking of polymer chains