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Robust Model-Based Fault Diagnosis for Dynamic Systems
  • Jie Chen, R. Patton
  • Computer Science, Engineering
  • The International Series on Asian Studies in…
  • 31 December 1998
There is an increasing demand for dynamic systems to become safer and more reliable. This requirement extends beyond the normally accepted safety-critical systems such as nuclear reactors andExpand
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The Seventh Visual Object Tracking VOT2019 Challenge Results
The Visual Object Tracking challenge VOT2019 is the seventh annual tracker benchmarking activity organized by the VOT initiative. Results of 81 trackers are presented; many are state-of-the-artExpand
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From BoW to CNN: Two Decades of Texture Representation for Texture Classification
Texture is a fundamental characteristic of many types of images, and texture representation is one of the essential and challenging problems in computer vision and pattern recognition which hasExpand
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Nonparametric multiple comparison procedures for unbalanced one-way factorial designs
In this paper, we present several nonparametric multiple comparison (MC) procedures for unbalanced one-way factorial designs. The nonparametric hypotheses are formulated by using normalizedExpand
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Design of Digital Video Coding Systems: A Complete Compressed Domain Approach
Background and standards: video communications motion-compensated DCT video coding video coding standards. Algorithms: DCT-based motion estimation interpolation-free subpixel motion estimationExpand
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A location-to-segmentation strategy for automatic exudate segmentation in colour retinal fundus images
The automatic exudate segmentation in colour retinal fundus images is an important task in computer aided diagnosis and screening systems for diabetic retinopathy. In this paper, we present aExpand
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Trading Strategies Based on K-means Clustering and Regression Models
This paper outlines a data mining approach to the analysis and prediction of the trend of stock prices. The approach consists of three steps, namely, partitioning, analysis and prediction. A commonlyExpand
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Coordinated interchange scheduling and opportunity cost payment: a market proposal to seams issues
This paper presents a joint market structure for energy, spinning reserves and VAR support in a multiarea setting. It is based on a cooptimization that can simultaneously optimize all threeExpand
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Wavelet Pyramid Based Multi-Resolution Bilateral Motion Estimation for Frame Rate Up-Conversion
The conventional bilateral motion estimation (BME) for motion-compensated frame rate up-conversion (MC-FRUC) can avoid the problem of overlapped areas and holes but usually results in lots ofExpand
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