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Smart phones is bringing about emerging potentials in mobile visual search. Extensive research efforts have been made in compact visual descriptors. However, directly extracting visual descriptors on a mobile device is computationally intensive and time consuming. Towards low bit rate visual search, we propose to deeply compress query images by learning a(More)
Truncated tau is widely detected in Alzheimer's disease brain, and caspase-3 has been considered as a major executioner for tau truncation at aspartate421 (D421), according to its capability of cleaving recombinant tau in vitro. Here we investigated the relationship between D421 truncated tau and caspase-3 in two transgenic mouse models for tauopathies. In(More)
A multicomponent DNA vaccine, encoding Toxoplasma gondii GRA1 and SAG1, was constructed and tested for its ability to confer protection. BALB/c mice were challenged with tachyzoites of the virulent T. gondii RH strain at 4 weeks following the last immunization, and immune responses and survival times were observed. The results show that vaccination by the(More)
With the popularization of mobile devices, recent years have witnessed an emerging potential for mobile landmark search. In this scenario, the user experience heavily depends on the efficiency of query transmission over a wireless link. As sending a query photo is time consuming, recent works have proposed to extract compact visual descriptors directly on(More)
We investigated possible involvement of a calpain/p35-p25/cyclin-dependent kinase 5 (Cdk5) signaling pathway in modifying NMDA receptors (NMDARs) in glutamate-induced injury of cultured rat retinal neurons. Glutamate treatment decreased cell viability and induced cell apoptosis, which was accompanied by an increase in Cdk5 and p-Cdk5(T15) protein levels.(More)
In this paper, we propose a multiple-channel coding scheme to extract compact visual descriptors for low bit rate mobile visual search. Different from previous visual search scenarios that send the query image, we make use of the ever growing mobile computational capability to directly extract compact visual descriptors at the mobile end. Meanwhile,(More)
The microtubule-associated protein tau has been implicated in beta-amyloid- and glutamate-induced neurotoxicity. However, the potential role of tau in response to other insults to neurons remains unclear. In this study, we examined whether deletion of tau would change cell injury induced by heat shock in primary cultures of cortical neurons. After 30 min of(More)
Invited Paper Low power and high performance are the two most important criteria for many signal-processing system designs, particularly in real-time multimedia applications. There have been many approaches to achieve these two design goals at many different implementation levels ranging from very-large-scale-integration fabrication technology to system(More)