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Asperterrestide A, a cytotoxic cyclic tetrapeptide from the marine-derived fungus Aspergillus terreus SCSGAF0162.
Compound 1 contains a rare 3-OH-N-CH3-Phe residue and showed cytotoxicity against U937 and MOLT4 human carcinoma cell lines and inhibitory effects on influenza virus strains H1N1 and H3N2. Expand
Diversity and Antimicrobial Activity of Culturable Fungi Isolated from Six Species of the South China Sea Gorgonians
The diversity of culturable fungi associated with six species of healthy South China Sea gorgonians were investigated using a culture-dependent method followed by analysis of fungal internal transcribed spacer sequences, suggesting that the gorgonian-associated fungi may aid their hosts in protection against pathogens. Expand
New mycotoxins from marine-derived fungus Aspergillus sp. SCSGAF0093.
Nine mycotoxins including zirconium complex obtained from nature and ochratoxins isolated from marine environment were isolated from the fermentation broth of marine gorgonian derived fungus Aspergillus sp. Expand
Antifouling and antibacterial polyketides from marine gorgonian coral-associated fungus Penicillium sp. SCSGAF 0023
Two new polyketides, 6,8,5′6′-tetrahydroxy-3′-methylflavone (1) and paecilin C (2), together with six known analogs secalonic acid D (3), secalonic acid B (4) penicillixanthone A (5), emodin (6),Expand
Cytotoxic dihydrothiophene-condensed chromones from the marine-derived fungus Penicillium oxalicum.
Two new dihydrothiophene-condensed chromones and a new natural chromone, namely oxalicumones A-C (1-3), respectively, were isolated from a culture broth of a marine-derived fungus, PenicilliumOxalicum, and the structure-biological activity relationship of 1 was discussed. Expand
Phylogenetic survey and antimicrobial activity of culturable microorganisms associated with the South China Sea black coral Antipathes dichotoma.
The first report on the diversity of culturable microorganisms associated with black coral contributes to the knowledge of black coral-associated microorganisms and further increases the pool of microorganisms available for natural bioactive product screening. Expand
Cytotoxic dihydrothiophene-condensed chromones from marine-derived fungus Penicillium oxalicum.
Two new dihydrothiophene-condensed chromones and a new natural chromone, namely oxalicumones A-C (1-3), respectively, were isolated from a culture broth of a marine-derived fungus PenicilliumExpand
Bioactive Pyridone Alkaloids from a Deep-Sea-Derived Fungus Arthrinium sp. UJNMF0008
Eight new 4-hydroxy-2-pyridone alkaloids arthpyrones D–K (1–8), along with two known analogues apiosporamide (9) and arthpyrone B (10), were isolated from a deep-sea-derived fungus Arthrinium sp.Expand
Dihydrothiophene-condensed chromones from a marine-derived fungus Penicillium oxalicum and their structure-bioactivity relationship.
Compounds 1-4, 3a-3e, 3g-3h, and 4b showed significant cytotoxicity against several carcinoma cell lines with IC50 ≤ 10 μM and their structure-bioactivity relationship was discussed. Expand
Diversity and antibacterial activity of culturable actinobacteria isolated from five species of the South China Sea gorgonian corals
It was found that 72 isolates displayed antibacterial activity against at least one indicator bacterium, and the antibacterial strains isolated from different gorgonians had almost the same proportion (~50 %). Expand