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This paper discusses a method to find the acoustic properties of different types of background noise: highway, airport, subway, restaurant, rain, inside a car, and inside a train. Four parameters are calculated using the Auto Correlation Function (ACF). These parameters are energy (at the origin of delay ¿(0)) the amplitude of the first positive peak of the(More)
To rapidly determine the pollution extent of wastewater, the calibration models were established for determination of Chemical Oxygen Demand and Biological Oxygen Demand in wastewater by partial least squares and near infrared spectrometry of 120 samples. Spectral data preprocessing and outliers' diagnosis were also discussed. Correlation coefficients of(More)
An innovative design and analysis procedure has been developed by The MacNeal-Schwendler Corporation (MSC) that enables the design engineer to perform analysis of Ball Grid Array (BGA) packages in an order of magnitude less time than was previously required by experienced analysts. This procedure captures the analytical expertise of the experienced analyst(More)
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