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The magnetic and magneto-transport properties of Ni nanowire (NW) arrays, fabricated by electrodeposition in anodic-aluminum-oxide (AAO) templates, have been investigated. The AAO pores have diameters ranging from 35 to 75 nm, and the crystallinity of the Ni NW arrays could change from poly-crystalline to single-crystalline with the [111] and [110](More)
Recently, teaching-learning-based optimization (TLBO), as one of the emerging nature-inspired heuristic algorithms, has attracted increasing attention. In order to enhance its convergence rate and prevent it from getting stuck in local optima, a novel metaheuristic has been developed in this paper, where particular characteristics of the chaos mechanism and(More)
Marine plastic debris is becoming increasingly serious marine pollutant. Based on the comparative positions of marine of plastic debris and marine current movement and in order to describe and comprehend the extent, density and distribution of the plastic debris in the gyre, the cellular automata model was introduced to analyze the marine plastic debris(More)
Water quality evaluation is an important basic work for the water environmental management and protection. This paper presents a new water quality monitoring method based on principal component analysis-wavelet neural network combined model. First, the establishment of water quality evaluation index system, and then using principal component analysis to(More)
This paper establishes a Volterra predator-prey model with three biological populations, and specify the steady-state numbers of the three populations. Then, based on AHP, obtain the ratio of different species in the second population. When other species are not totally suppressed, with an improved predator-prey model we simulate the current situation to(More)