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Keywords: Non-linear non-Gaussian dynamic processes Independent component analysis Non-linear contribution plot TE process a b s t r a c t This paper proposes a novel approach for dealing with fault detection of multivariate processes , which will be referred to as kernel dynamic independent component analysis (KDICA). The main idea of KDICA is to carry out(More)
Neighborhood graph based nonlinear dimensionality reduction algorithms, such as Isomap and LLE, perform well under an assumption that the neighborhood graph is connected. However, for datasets consisting of multiple clusters or lying on multiple manifolds, the neighborhood graphs are often disconnected, or in other words, have multiple connected components.(More)
Many methods have recently been proposed for subspace clustering, but they are often unable to handle incomplete data because of missing entries. Using matrix completion methods to recover missing entries is a common way to solve the problem. Conventional matrix completion methods require that the matrix should be of low-rank intrinsically, but most(More)
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