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In this paper, we treat the pricing of the cloud resources as an option pricing problem. The pricing of the Reserved scheme can be solved as a European option problem and the pricing of the On-Demand Scheme can be solved as an American option problem. We adopt the method of Trinomial tree to resolve the European option problem and the American option(More)
In this paper, we discuss how to assess video Quality of Experience (QoE) with image saliency and texture information extracted from original and distorted video sequences. Based on this information, we proposed two categories of full-reference quality metrics. The first category of metrics considers spatial distortions measured by MSE and SSIM in terms of(More)
In order to monitor and ensure adequate Quality of Experience towards end users, this paper proposes a no-reference hybrid objective video quality metrics, based on five high-level parameters extracted from application layer, network layer and bitstream layer. We first cluster various videos based on video content characteristics and then design Back(More)
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