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A buffer allocation algorithm based on self-similar queuing model is proposed, with the consideration of self-similar communication characteristics of Networks-on-Chip and virtual-channels. It calculates the overflow probability of each virtual-channel according the Discrete Poisson Pareto Burst Process (DPPBP) model, which is the basis of distributing(More)
As there are unbalanced communications between each computing core in multi-core system, a dynamic weight arbiter for networks-on-chip is designed and implemented in this paper. This arbiter uses a simple method to realize static arbitration mechanism based on Lottery algorithm, and on this basis, according to the congestion situation detected in all(More)
Reconfigurable computing system is usually composed of general-purpose processors and reconfigurable coprocessors, featuring the flexibility of general-purpose processors and high computation performance. It is hard for traditional reconfigurable computing system to get balance between the utilization ratios of reconfigurable coprocessor and the complete(More)
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