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In multilevel modeling, researchers often encounter data with a relatively small number of units at the higher levels. As a result, of this and/or non-normality of the residuals, model parameter estimates, particularly the variance components and standard errors of parameter estimates at the group level, may be biased, thus the corresponding statistical(More)
Insulin pump system is a safety-critical embedded system controlling the amount of injection of insulin to diabetics based upon their blood glucose levels, and the high reliability of the software used in the pump is crucial. One way to achieve the high reliability of software is to build an accurate and complete model through effective analysis and(More)
In the evaluation of self-organized algorithm for web service providers, we need a great deal of web service information. And these services should be of natural similar properties by which they will be grouped into several alliances. In this paper, we propose an auto-generating method for web service contents based on artificial immune system. First of(More)
In application of multilevel models (MLM) researchers often encounter some challenging issues with their data; e.g., the number of higher level units (e.g., the second level units) is small, and or the outcome measure is not normally distributed. These problems can be The authors of the present study have developed a SAS® macro RBMLM for nonparametric(More)
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