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To overcome the effect of temperature on laser gyro zero bias and to stabilize the laser gyro output, this study proposes a modified radial basis function neural network (RBFNN) based on a Kohonen network and an orthogonal least squares (OLS) algorithm. The modified method, which combines the pattern classification capability of the Kohonen network and the(More)
With the modernization of global navigation satellite systems (GNSS), secondary codes, also known as the Neumann-Hoffman (NH) codes, are modulated on the satellite signal to obtain a better positioning performance. However, this leads to an attenuation of the acquisition sensitivity of classic integration algorithms because of the frequent bit transitions(More)
This paper demonstrates an immediate frequency (IF) GPS signal simulator design scheme and some signal synchronize techniques on high dynamic environment. It is based on a mathematical signal model which expresses the digitized IF GPS signal as a function of various errors during propagation. The simulator is able to simulate more than 12 GPS satellite(More)
The essence of GPS signal acquisition is a two-dimensional search process for the carrier Doppler and code phase, generally including correlator, signal capture device, and logic control module. The disposal efficiency of correlator would affect the capture speed of the whole acquisition process. Because of the corresponding relation between frequencydomain(More)
Multipath signal is often considered an interference that must be removed. The coherence between multipath and direct component makes it difficult to use conventional direction-of-arrival (DOA) estimation methods in a smart antenna system. This study demonstrates a new multipath signal DOA estimation technique. Unlike the common methods, without decoherence(More)
This work presents a coherent vector tracking loop (CVT) for BDS signals based on cascaded filters. The structure of CVT is based on extended Kalman filters (EKF), including several local filters and a common navigation filter. A fault detection and exclusion algorithm (FDE) integrated to the tracking loop is introduced. This FDE method is used to detect(More)
As one significant component of space environmental weather, the ionosphere has to be monitored using Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers for the Ground-Based Augmentation System (GBAS). This is because an ionospheric anomaly can pose a potential threat for GBAS to support safety-critical services. The traditional code-carrier divergence (CCD)(More)
Spatial-temporal adaptive processing (STAP) method can suppress more interferences than the pure spatial filter which has no resolution in frequency. Subspace orthogonal projection technology can remove the interference when the subspace of interference is obtained. Based on the characters of BeiDou signal, noise and jammers, this paper presents a BeiDou(More)