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β-arrestins are not only well-known negative regulators of G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) signaling, but also important adaptors in modulating the strength and duration of cellular signaling by scaffolding and interacting with a lot of cytoplasmic proteins. While β-arrestins are rather well described signal-mediated molecules, they are not generally(More)
The influence of the uncertain or malicious service nodes on the Web service composition (WSC) performance is generally fatal in the Internet, so the problems of services selecting for WSC can not be completely solved by the perspective of performance. In the paper, the two-tier model of reputation computing, which describes the credibility evolution(More)
It is very important for Web service to be located as quickly as possible in grid environments. Based on the fact of the default of the existing service resource locating methods,the research algorithm based on ant-cooperation for Web service is presented in the paper. In this algorithm, the resource management model is constructed by the minimum connected(More)
In the Internet, there are a mass of malicious, fraudulent services in addition to the dynamics change and differences in service of quality. As a result, it is difficult for a client to fastly get high- quality services. In this paper, a service-composition framework based on the trust evolution and alliance has been proposed. It is different from(More)
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