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In this study, we investigate how IT-enabled service augmentation influences customer satisfaction for cell phone services in Base-of-the-Pyramid (BOP) markets. We conceptualize value added service and customer care as two components of service augmentation. In spite of the acknowledged competitive significance of digital services, the impact of service(More)
Do countries with higher IT spending have higher life expectancy? Recent policy debate on healthcare in the United States has focused on the role of IT in reducing costs and improving healthcare access and quality. An implicit assumption in this debate has been that greater infusion of IT into healthcare will lead to better health outcomes. We investigate(More)
Service Digitization is a key means by which organizations derive value from their IT investments. We theorize that Service Digitization consists of two underlying dimensions – Extent of Digitization (EoD) and Range of Digitization (RoD), which present a trade-off scenario for a resource-constrained firm. We examine the firm performance implications of EoD(More)
In healthcare settings knowledge exchange among important stakeholders such as doctors, family and patients, and other care providers is a critical imperative. However, such a community modelled approach is missing, limited in scope or its business value not well understood. In this study, the authors illustrate the value potential and subsequent(More)
The macroscopical characters of the roots, physical constant values, extractive values, colour, consistency and extractive values with different solvents, behaviour on treatment with different chemical reagents, fluorescence characters of liquid extracts and root powder after treatment with different chemical reagents under ultraviolet light of the powdered(More)
Institutional settings in emerging markets pose challenges for multinational corporations (MNCs). We argue that information technology (IT) can be used to develop strategic flexibilities to complement organizational capabilities in emerging markets. We explore how MNCs and local firms compare in leveraging their IT enabled strategic flexibilities and(More)