Jiba Raj Acharya

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Efficient photoexcitation energy transfer in extended pi-electron conjugated molecules is a key factor in applications of such systems as a gain media in signal-amplifying fluorescent chemodetectors. Here we report an unprecedented ratiometric fluorescence amplification phenomenon in the surface-immobilized monolayers of oligo(p-phenylene ethynylene)s(More)
Surface-immobilized monolayers of fluorescent molecular sensors consisting of a short conjugated oligo(p-phenylene ethynylene) core end-capped with an acceptor fluorophore (analyte receptor) display significant signal amplification due to enhanced intermolecular energy transfer within the monolayer. This general phenomenon offers a superior platform for(More)
A simple method for tuning the performance characteristics of fluorescent ratiometric sensors based on surface-immobilized monolayers of π-conjugated molecules enabled gradual adjustment of the sensitivity and the analyte detection range of the sensor. This approach has been applied to fine-tune the sensing performance of a prototype ratiometric chemosensor(More)
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