Jiazheng Liu

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Train operation adjustment (TOA) plays an important role in ensuring transportation order and enhancing transportation efficiency, the purpose of TOA is to make the error between actual schedule and planned schedule as small as possible, According to the influence of passenger flow on train delay, this paper builds a novel multi-objective train adjustment(More)
People counting has wide applications for video surveillance. In this paper, we propose a detection and tracking based counting method. The method involves 2 steps, at the first step, a head and shoulder shape hog feature is extracted to detect pedestrians. At the second step, particle filtering method with color based appearance model, is used to track(More)
Gasolines of two different octane numbers are experimentally distinguished using a thin metal sheet perforated with a periodic hole array terahertz surface plasmon (SP) sensor. This sensor is proved to be very sensitive to the change in permittivities of analytes. The differences between the gasolines 93# and 97# in composition lead to various refractive(More)
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