Jiazhen Yang

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Objectives. Functional components in alliums have long been maintained to play a key role in modifying the major risk factors for chronic disease. To obtain a better understanding of alliums for chronic disease prevention, we conducted a systematic review for risk factors and prevention strategies for chronic disease of functional components in alliums,(More)
The history of ACM Turing Award presentation, from one perspective, presents the development of computer science and technology. Moreover, the winners of ACM Turing Award enlighten us greatly. This paper performs statistics and analysis for the nationality, education background, universities, specialty and ages when they made contributions of the Turing(More)
Sleep is a vital segment of life, however, the mechanisms of diet promoting sleep are unclear and are the focus of research. Insomnia is a general sleep disorder and functional foods are known to play a key role in the prevention of insomnia. A number of studies have demonstrated that major insomnia risk factors in human being are less functional foods in(More)
Appraises on customer’s cooperation system result often needs to observe many operating indexes. In fact, the most difficult point of customer’s cooperation result computation and the appraisal is the multi-objective of customer’s cooperation system. Regarding the kind of multivariable space point, it’s very difficult to(More)
There were many innovations in Technological and Vocational Education system in china since 1997. 1200 schools in this system were upgraded from middle Technological and Vocational schools to senior college to meet the educational policy. The proposes of this research are to realize the processes and strategic choices of the organizational change and(More)
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