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Take account of that most tags are keyword rich and indicate the topic of tweets directly, but there was no space between two words. So Word Segmentation was used to separate the tags by space. This time we used the former max matching algorithm. The problem is that no dictionary is appropriate. Common words dictionary is partial and Oxford Dictionary(More)
This paper presents the system adopted for the Faceted Blog Distillation task by PRIS team. The PRIS system is submitted by Pattern Recognition and Intelligent System Lab at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. And a two-stage strategy is involved for this task. First, an adaptable Voting Model is carried out for blog distillation. Then,(More)
When an emergency occurs, such as the outbreak of natural disaster, the news about the incident showed a trend of blowout. Mostly, these news are reproduced by people and spread out with duplicate, unimportant or wrong information. Hence, it is necessary and vital to provide individuals with timely and important information of these incidents during their(More)
1 Data Preprocessing 1.1 XML parsing The official datasets are XML format so we have to parse them before indexing. We choose Lucene as our tool for indexing and searching ,we select the Jakarta-commons-Digester (the following we referred to as digester) to parse the xml documents. The xml document is processed by the Digester to be a java object and then(More)
Compared with the BBV network model, the restricted edge weighted BBV network model can express a variety of real-world networks realistically. The research of virus propagation and immunization strategy based on the restricted edge weighted BBV network model will help to solve some problems better in the real networks. We got the virus propagation of the(More)
Electronic Health Records (EHRs) refer to a collection of patient data, including diagnosis, medical history, medication, allergies, etc., mostly contained in the form of unstructured text. EHRs are designed to capture the state of a patient over time, thus the temporal information is crucial. Most previous works processing time in EHRs narrative focused on(More)
The effects of different doses of potassium iodate (KIO3) on the malignancy of thyroid cancer were investigated. Results showed that the proliferation, migration, and invasion of SW579 thyroid cancer cells were improved by 10-6 M KIO3, which was associated with microRNA(miR)-146a deficit; 10-2 M KIO3 significantly enhanced miR-146a level and suppressed(More)