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Object functionality refers to the quality of an object that allows humans to perform some specific actions. It has been shown in psychology that functionality (affordance) is at least as essential as appearance in object recognition by humans. In computer vision, most previous work on functionality either assumes exactly one functionality for each object,(More)
The Paxos algorithm is a distributed consensus algorithm, each round of which can be used to agree on a value proposed by a member of the group. The algorithm is tolerant to non-Byzantine errors (e.g. unreliable network environment and disconnected nodes). Despite the simplicity of the algorithm, implementing Paxos for real world applications in traditional(More)
In social networks, influence such as information, virus, innovations spreads from node to node through the edges of the networks. Understanding this diffusion process is the key to many important real-world applications, for example marketing strategies, virus and pollution control. The problem of outbreak detection and influence maximization ask about(More)
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