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The development and application of GIS ultimately creates the demand for spatial information security, and access control is our primary concern. Spatial information is mostly stored and managed by database technologies, and SDE/RDBMS and ORDBMS are the most popular two. Correspondingly, there are two possible solutions for restricting access to spatial(More)
Water environment monitoring is an important part of environmental monitoring. Due to the constraints of natural condition and time and temporal factors, the traditional monitoring method has some limitations. In recent years, remote Sensing technologies were widely applied in the investigation and monitoring of various pollutions in aquatic environments.(More)
The specifications of geospatial information services released by OGC provide a comprehensive framework for integration and sharing of distributed and heterogeneous geospatial information. Due to various security threats in distributed environment and prevalent copyright violations in practice, there is a strong demand to secure access to geospatial(More)
It is currently one of the hottest research areas of geospatial informatics to integrate OGC specifications with Globus-based Grid technology to develop geospatial Grid. In Grid systems, the security of resources outsourced from multiple organizations is very critical. However, the authorization mechanisms provided in the Globus Toolkit cannot realize the(More)
This paper discussed the key technologies for building a Geospatial Information Grid service workflow and describes the design and implementation of a Grid GIS service integration and hybrid invocation prototype framework: the MapGIS Grid Workflow Framework (MGWF). First, we discussed the WSRF based GIS function encapsulation details for legacy GIS system.(More)
With the growing need of integration and sharing of spatial data located in different places on the network, distributed spatial database technology has become a hot research field. Meanwhile, spatial information security, especially access control, has attracted more and more attention in practice. Access control for distributed spatial databases has two(More)
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