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In order to improve the efficiency and precision of gradual transition detection in the recent method of shot-boundary detection, in this paper, a fast shot-boundary detection method based on K-step slipped window by considering the low-feature and edit-feature of the video-shot sufficiently is proposed. First, it selects the candidates of the shot-boundary(More)
The melastatin-like transient receptor potential 7 (TRPM7) has been implicated in proliferation or apoptosis of some cancers, indicating the potential of TRPM7 as an anti-anaplastic target. Here, we identified the characteristic TRPM7 channel currents in human malignant glioma MGR2 cells, which could be blocked by a pharmacologic inhibitor Gd3+. We mined(More)
Understanding the radiosensitivity of plants, an important factor in crop mutation breeding programs, requires a thorough investigation of the factors that contribute to this trait. In this study, we used the highly radiosensitive wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) variety HY1 and J411, a γ-irradiation-insensitive control, which were screened from a natural(More)
To identify novel allelic variations in key genes of wheat quality, the present study used the targeting induced local lesions in genomes platform to detect point mutations in target genes. The wheat variety Longfumai 17 was treated by the mutagen ethyl methanesulfonate to produce a bulk M2 generation, and the population included 1122 plants. A total length(More)
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